Meet Our Manufacturers

An industry leader and favorite in the foodservice industry, American Metalcraft produces high-quality, specialized supplies for a wide variety of establishments. Check out what’s on trend at the American Metalcraft website.

BSI Designs specializes in both style and functionality. Creators of stunning counters and  displays, plus custom-fabricated stainless foodservice equipment, BSI empowers quality servery and an integrated, elegant experience. See the endless possibilities from BSI Designs.

Cambro Manufacturing makes foodservice operators safe, efficient, and profitable. They offer display and table service items, storage, shelving, insulated transport products, and healthcare meal delivery solutions. Find your foodservice solutions at Cambro Manufacturing website.

Chefs have come to rely on the Chef Revival brand to continually deliver products that will help them do their jobs better and make their lives easier. Why? Because they know Chef Revival branded products are developed by chefs just like themselves who understand their unique needs and their challenges. Read about the Chef Revival journey.

Dexter is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the United States. Throughout their long and rich history, they have maintained a tradition of excellence in both materials and workmanship. Dexter is the proud successor to the two oldest American cutlery manufacturers: The Harrington Cutlery Company and the John Russell Cutlery Company. Learn more about Dexter.

Electrolux Professional, part of the Electrolux Group, offers complete food service and laundry solutions for professional users. Our smart products and worldwide service network make customers’ work life easier and more profitable. Offering Combi Ovens, Blast Chillers, Dishwashers, Range Suites, Kettles, Braising Pans, High Speed Cooking and Food Preparation equipment. For more information, visit Electrolux.

Imperial Brown Walk-In Coolers offers fully-customized walk-in coolers and freezers for restaurants and commercial foodservice kitchens. Customers achieve efficiency without settling, their manufacturing needs fulfilled with attentive customer service.  Walk into the Imperial Brown options.

Mod-U-Serve Logo

Mod-U-Serve specializes in modular, customized modular, and continuous custom counters, offering versatility and aesthetic value. This company also manufactures milk coolers, ventilation hoods, Utility Distribution Systems, and serving products, all customized to client needs.

Utility Refrigerator has been a dependable source of incredible quality products for over 80 years. With Utility, you’ll discover the kind of versatility and reliability you’ve only hoped existed. Find your inner-chill with Utility Refrigerator.

WaterSpec Water Filters provides economical and highly effective solutions for water treatment needs. Proper water filtration with WaterSpec decreases operating costs and increases customer satisfaction. Purified results found with WaterSpec.

Winston Foodservice LLC is a true foodservice innovator. This family-owned business specialized in holding drawers and cabinets, cook & holds, therm and holds, and pressure fryers featuring CVap technology.  Seek Winnovations from Winston Industries.