Why Nieco? Experience, Innovation, Flexibility, Reliability, and Savings.


Nieco has been designing and building our innovative automatic broilers in northern California since 1969, when the first automatic broiler was installed in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Terrace.

Since then, we’ve built and sold more than 75,000 broilers around the world! (And yes, you can still find our Nieco® broilers in countless restaurants around Disneyland).


Nieco’s patented BroilVection™ technology helps your kitchen use approximately half the amount of energy consumed with traditional radiant-only broilers. Add the Incendalyst™ to your Nieco® and you can also reduce emissions.

In addition to direct savings on energy consumption costs, restaurants using Nieco BroilVection™ technology may be eligible for local energy rebates up to $4,000.

Nieco burner technology is estimated to last 5-10 years, saving our customers up to $1000 each year on burner replacements and maintenance costs.


Whether you’re using an automatic broiler for the first time, or ready to expand your menu offering, you can count on Nieco for consistently-cooked, flame-broiled superior taste for any restaurant or venue.

  • Fast food, fast casual and casual restaurants (independent, corporate or franchised)
  • Large-format kitchens in stadiums and amusement parks
  • Large-scale catering operations such as grocery store delis, schools, military canteens, hospitals, hotels and airlines
  • Food manufacturing

What can you cook in a Nieco automatic broiler? Nieco broilers perfectly cook fast casual and gourmet-style burgers, kabobs, fish, pork, steak, chicken, ribs, vegetables, fruits and more. Free your valuable staff for other jobs without compromising quality. Set the machine properly, then place the product on the belt and the broiler does most of the work.


All Nieco Equipment is backed by a worldwide sales and service network, with local parts inventories and 24-hour emergency service.


Saved operating dollars means faster payback tomorrow. Annual savings on energy costs, burner costs, potential rebates and labor costs allow our customers to pay off the cost of their investment within 2-3 years of purchase


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