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Randell is proud to provide a selection of leading-edge standard kitchen equipment along with our modular, custom solutions that deliver the high-performance features customers demand — all in a versatile footprint that’s manageable in kitchens and prep areas of all sizes.

Randell Prep Stations
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Prep tables

Specified by four of the top five pizza chains in the U.S., Randell's specialized Raised Rail “Pizza” Prep Tables help foodservice operations of all sizes maximize efficiency and expand their menu offerings.

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fx Series

The FX Series features an insulated refrigerated tub on drawer slides that keeps the cold with the food as you access the storage cavity and its horizontal seal keeps the cold air in, keeping temperatures consistent while reducing stress on the unit’s compressor.

Hear from COO of Bosma Design Solutions, Kate Reed, on why this solution is so vital.


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custom fabrication

The chef table is the heart of a kitchen. The easier the flow from kitchen to server, the healthier your operation will be. As the final touchpoint of plates before they are served, a well-planned service counter saves valuable minutes on ticket times. Make it your own by creating the ultimate singular line-up by having your Chef Service Counter custom fabricated from scratch.

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cheeser station

Every shred of cheese that doesn’t land on the pizza – whether it ends up on the prep table or the floor – turns into costly waste.

The Randell Cheeser Station™ has a simple but practical self-contained design that helps give pizza operators 100% cheese utilization. Any shreds that don’t land on the pizza end up back in the 30-pound holding bin – not on the floor or prep table.

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