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My first introduction to Chrane was because of Hurricane Ike in September 2008. It damaged 4 of the 6 schools. The serving lines were filled up with rain water and everything was condemned. We were only given a few weeks to restore the kitchen, to get it re-opened for the students. Duane stepped up and designed our new serving lines, and they were installed in record time. He and his team have help Barbers Hill many times since.
— Susan LeBlanc of Barbers Hill ISD
In my experience, they are one of the best prepared, strategically aligned, and most professionally polished group rep organizations in the industry. It is obvious that the details matter at Chrane, whether they are planning a new school kitchen, a large chain rollout, or any social event… their goal is greatness.
— Stuart Sharp of Cambro Manufacturing
I only wish I had partnered with Chrane sooner! Everyone opportunity for improvement the Chrane team comes to the table with a solutions-based mindset. It’s refreshing to work with partners who have the same forward-thinking view on foodservice solutions.
— Jeanna Ratnayake of Aramark
Over the years I have developed relationships with a lot of manufacturers rep groups. I have to say that overall, Chrane has been one the best groups to work with. Handling lots of different aspects of our industry; I worked with numerous members of team Chrane for various reasons, and found that Chrane is responsive, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile.
— Heather Brown of Supreme Fixture Company, INC.