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Sharee 1080-01-1

Sharee garrett

Accounting Clerk

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(972) 295-9149

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Accounting Clerk by day and gamer by night, Sharee is a dynamic player at the Chrane Houston Office! H-Town born and raised, Sharee grew up in a big family and didn’t realize that she’d be gaining another at Chrane. 'When the sun gooees dowwn' (*Sung in a Kenny Chesney voice*), Sharee is playing video games, hanging out with her mother and sister by listening to country music, dancing to Yacht Rock, watching AND predicting true crime documentaries, or just crushing on Harry Styles - even mom! When you’re out drinking with Sharee, order her a Bumblebee... The drink is similar to a black and tan, but made with a dark stout and an angry orchard. Sharee loves working for Chrane because she never feels out of place. While we’d like to believe it’s cause WE’RE awesome, it’s obvious the Houston Office Fish named Commission sold her.

Self-Care Queen: For at-home spa tips and tricks, ask Sharee!!

History Buff: Her dream vacation is a World War tour of Europe.