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Traci roich

Customer Success Representative

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(469) 441-9722

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Traci Roich made her foodservice debut with Chrane, but between growing up with Philly cheesesteaks, indulging in classic southern dishes during her time at the University of Alabama, and now Texas barbecue, Traci is already a professional foodie. Her experience as a sales and account representative, combined with her extensive customer service skills, makes her the perfect fit as Chrane's Customer Success Representative. Outside of work, you can catch Traci watching Alabama football (Roll Tide Roll), cooking, baking, tackling DIY projects, and spending time with friends and family. Anyone up for Italian? Traci's known to chef up a killer lasagna, chicken marsala, or pasta dish, all of which she pairs with freshly baked bread and a glass of red wine. *Chef's kiss* A people lover, Traci's biggest professional motivator is building relationships with her Chraniacs and industry peers.

TV Show Recs: Friends & Sienfeld 

Favorite Concert: Elton John