Your Committed Partner in Excellence. What does that truly mean? How does a company transform a tagline into a corporate way of life, a critical component of its culture? What does it mean when Chrane says we are Your Committed Partner in Excellence?


Often sales driven organizations focus on their own products, their own successes and their own story. While these are certainly important components of Chrane, nothing happens in a sales organization without the Customer. Each Customer has a unique set of needs and desires - benchmarks for increased success. It could be the desire for more profit, better employee safety, decreased labor, increased food consistency, lower food costs, increased client satisfaction, faster service, higher participation, excellent patient satisfaction scores, new menu development or a better food product. Each customer is going to be in a unique situation with a unique set of goals, opportunities and challenges.


Chrane's commitment to being a partner in excellence means we dive in and help that Customer identify what it is that will truly make them excel, understand the impact it has on their business, and apply our solutions based Manufacturers where it makes sense. Our products and services are a set of tools. The solution itself is what the customer deems important and adds to their success. As Your Committed Partner in Excellence, we strive to listen carefully, offer thoughtfully and execute brilliantly to achieve that success.


Our philosophy is that if Chrane as your partner helps YOU the customer achieve excellence in your operation, then the valued relationships, continued opportunities and sales revenue will come. That is what Your Committed Partner in Excellence at Chrane means.

Chrane Header - Your Committed Partner in Excellence

I have seen Chrane grow into the successful organization that it is today and watch these young, immature boys and girls grow up to be masters of the foodservice equipment industry. The memories of things that I have experienced with Chrane are things I will relish until I grow old and can’t remember them anymore.
— James Cosper of Cosper & Associates
I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Chrane for a very long time. Chris and Duane have set a fantastic example for their team. They are dedicated professionals who bring their own unique brand of sales and marketing to the industry.
— Andrew Padden of BSI
The Chrane team is always focused on selling and growing their business, but they manage to have fun along the way exemplifying the ‘work hard, play hard’ concept. The creative environment Chris and Duane have built continues to create new and exciting opportunities in the market, and we value their partnership.
— David Allard of Cambro Manufacturing
Chrane has been such a wonderful group to work with. The entire gang is always helpful, professional, fun, and easy to work with!
— Rick Gaido of Edward Don