Dollars and $cents with Chrane

April Fools 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Chrane Foodservice Solutions, LLC is enthusiastic to launch the newly established division, "Dollars and Scents, by Chrane," a boutique candle collection collaboration with Yankees Candles, inspired by all things Commercial Foodservice!

Motivated by the junior high locker room-like aroma of the Chrane DFW Sales Pit, Meredith Mulliken, Chrane's Marketing Manager realized her vision, one wick at a time. According to Mulliken, "I grew up on a west Texas Dairy Farm. When I noticed tones of home in the office, I knew it was time to act." 

Each hand-crafted artisanal Candle glows brilliantly in an Arc Cardinal limited time offering jar, with these delightful bouquet of scents available April 1st, 2022.

FINAL Price Increase Peace-05

Price increase peace

Chamomile and Lavender inspire blissful ZEN for dealing with those infuriating labor shortages, supply chain woes and pesky price increases. Like a warm candle, "Only when you can be extremely pliable and soft can you be extremely hard and strong." - Nick Hughes



Date night? A waxy delight perfumed with stainless steel polish and saddle soap. This robust, musky candle is sure to set the mood with your committed partners in excellence. Mod-U-Seductive? Mod-U-Sensual? That's right... Mod-U-Schwerve.


Vector Nectar-03Vector nectar

Ideal for those with allergies or ill-timed power outages, like the revolutionary Alto-Shaam Vector Oven, this candle is a beacon of illumination, with zero scent transfer. Flexible. Functional. Fiercely Flickering.



Lord have mercer!Lord Have Mercer-01

Inspired by the King himself, this Elvis themed precision sliced Mercer Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich candle hints both nutty and fruity notes. One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready now glow Scents, glow!



Foolish April Flowers-02

Foolish April Flowers

Who doesn't love a great prank?!? Light this baby up, step away, and enjoy the groans of friends and family nervously blaming the dog, as they inhale the intoxicating aromas of ten-day-old rotting broccoli not shrewdly stored in a stay-fresh Cambro Camwear Food Pan and Seal Cover!


This Limited Time Offer gem, in honor of the 3-year hiatus from the National Restaurant Association Show, recreates a typical Chrane night in Chicago. The slow burn starts sensibly with the aromatic sizzle of the tomahawk ribeye from Gibson's, chased by the jammy boldness of a big red pinot noir, where things go downhill with distinct notes of Fireball inspired cinnamon and lastly the regrettable, yet mistakable antiseptic pungent quaff of late-night Malort. Who says regret can't be majestic?

Vector Nectar-03


Brown Sugar. Organic Vanilla Bean. Guatemalan Coffee. Simply put, the ultimate blend of sweet and bold fragrances of hand-poured waxy success, ethically responsible in vegan form. This darling aroma is sure to enlighten your heart. Your mind. Your soul. Breathe. Exhale. Dűanė



Surrounded by an ocean of "Dollars and $cents" candles, amongst a sea of darkness to melt away the stress of Chraniac induced shenanigans, while soaking her tired feet in the percolating Power Soak, Chrane's Accounting & HR Manager, Jamie bantered, "Burn, baby burn! It's about time Chris & Duane finally signed off on this brilliant and illuminating idea. They'd have to be FOOLS this April to not execute on this can't lose endeavor!"

To learn more about Chrane's stimulating new "Dollars and $cents" candle line addition, request pricing, or check lead times, please reach out to your favorite Chrane Sales Rep or request a free one-time sample.

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