Request a start-up to get your new equipment going.

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Your brand new equipment is installed, and now it's time to use it! Request a start-up and our team will help get your warranty underway. It's easier than a trip to the DMV.

Time for your start-up?

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When you install a new piece of equipment, manufacturers sometimes require a start-up for the warranty to begin.

Leave it to us. We'll get your start-up going so you can hit the open road.

How it works

Step 1

Fill out our start-up request form with your equipment and contact information.

Step 2

We will notify a local authorized service agent to set up their start-up visit.

Step 3

Once the start-up is finished, your warranty period will begin!

Frequently asked questions

When will I hear back?

In 24 hours, someone from Chrane’s Customer Success team will reach out to you directly.

Who is coming to handle the start-up?
Your start-up will be performed by a local authorized service agent.
Who should attend a start-up like this?
The onsite contact should be present for the start-up.
Is a start-up required?

Only for some of Chrane's manufacturers to begin your warranty period.

Can it be done at the same time as the demonstration?

Unfortunately, no! We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.