The Kitchen Chronicles: On the Road with Chrane - Cowtown Brewing Co.

Episode 6 - Beyond A Brewery

It all started at the Fort Worth brewery, with a love for beer and barbecue, and a desire to perfect the 'craft'. When the Cowtown Brewing Co. Southlake taproom opened, the team was forced to adapt to a smaller kitchen space with no ventilation hood... Their approach? To hop in the car and get to Chrane's "The Mix" Test Kitchen, of course!! After working with Chef Robby Hooker on menu ideation and recipe testing in the Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Cook Oven, their infamous Southlake Pub-Centric menu was born.

Tune in to catch what it took to make it happen, how they've expanded while still maintaining quality and the customer experience, their business strategies, and more!


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