Chrane's "The Bear" Test Kitchen

Episode 1 - Beef

In ten short episodes, Chrane’s “The Bear” Test Kitchen is bringing you all the series commentary, from equipment & supplies featured in the show to recipes we’ve recreated with a Chef Robby Hooker-twist.

We invite you to follow along and share your culinary thoughts and experiences! What are you most excited to see in this series? Submit a comment down below!

Recap: Season 2, Episode 1 - Beef 

Out with The Beef and in with The Bear – To think Season 1 didn’t deliver enough excitement. How will the kitchen staff deal with change, innovation, and reorganization as they build their new restaurant?

Aside from the exterior structure and ‘equipment that works,’ Carmy lists $95,000 worth of expenses on his chicken scratch of a to-do list, from replacement equipment, renovations, permits, licenses, inspections, you name it. Oh, and nevermind the missing IRS stipulation, lingering debt from The Beef, no gas until The Bear passes a fire suppression test, and outstanding food certifications.

While we’re exposed to many different business and structural dilemmas in episode one, we’re also exposed to personal ones.

“You ever think about purpose?” Richie asks as he goes on to summarize a book he’s read about a guy with no purpose. In the end, his friends leave him behind. Richie, aka Cousin, is 45-years old, and hasn’t found his place at the restaurant.

“You love all this shit, it’s fun for you.” – Richie

“This shit’s not fun for me.” – Carmy

“Yea, but you love it.” – Richie

“That doesn’t make it fun.” – Carmy

In a desperate attempt to secure a bigger budget, Nat, Syd, & Carmy meet with Uncle Kalinowski, who was in business with Mikey at The Beef. They pitch him The Bear in hopes he will throw more money at ‘em.

But why would he want to be a partner? He says he “could throw a rock and hit 5 good restaurants” in Chicago River North. Besides, he’s $300,000 in debt with The Beef.

Sydney says they’ll be better, they’ll have a star.

Carmy chimes up, “If we don’t pay you back by the end of 18 months, all of it is yours.” The $300,000 debt and $500,000 additional ask. It’s estimated that Uncle Kalinowski can sell the lot for $2,000,000.

“How long will it take you to open?” – Uncle Kalinowski

On an 18-month timeline, Nat, Syd, & Carmy decide they need to open in 6 months to even have a shot at paying their uncle back. And they need to find kitchen staff who “want to learn” and “who give a shit” QUICK!

They draft a detailed 6-month timeline of what needs to be done to open.

“Is this a terrible idea?”

They all nod.


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